Millennials and Their Parents’ Possessions

Many millennials are reaching the age where they’re beginning to start their own lives and move in their own homes. However, their parents, the baby-boomer generation, are still holding onto something.

The bottom line is that millennials don’t want their parents’ nostalgic possessions. We constantly see baby-boomer-generation items being listed in our auctions—old card tables, pottery, cocktail glasses. The list goes on. The hard truth that many parents are struggling to accept is that millennials aren’t as obsessed with collecting as their parents were.

Millennials want to live in the city, where anything they would need is just a block or two away. They also prefer storing digital memories rather than keepsakes that have been stored away in the attic for decades. They’d rather spend money on experiences than material items.

The takeaway for parents is that you aren’t alone. It doesn’t mean that your children don’t love you—they just don’t love your possessions. If you’re trying to downsize or get rid of clutter, don’t just dump it off on your children; think about bringing it to auction so someone who appreciates your vintage or cherished items can purchase them instead you throwing them out. Look on the bright side—you can give your children the money you receive to use on their next digital download or adventurous experience!

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