The Value of Online Listings for Auction

Online listings give modern auctioneers a tremendous advantage, connecting them with prospective buyers to market the assets being sold. Online listings ease the process of getting an auction to market and create a call to action.

Now, bidders begin the bidding process with just a few clicks. Online visitors can see pictures, watch videos of real estate or items of interest–all while browsing their favorite social media channels.

Real Time Editing Online

What’s even better is that we keep all of the online listings edited in real time, continually keeping buyers informed.

Think about this, when Bill Wilson started William Wilson Auction Realty in the early 1980’s, any auction or real estate listing had to be HAND-WRITTEN, then typed on a TYPEWRITER, and either hand-delivered, faxed, or even mailed to be published. Time consuming, right?!

Now, with the new and improved online auctioning process, after just a few clicks our auctions are spidered all over the internet. We start with our own website, Then, we connect it to the specific asset category being sold. For example, land auctions are targeted to land portals, whereas equipment is targeted to equipment portals and so forth.

Below are just a few of the online sites we use:


In addition to a few secret weapons we use as well!

Search Engine Optimization

To further promote our clients’ items, we connect all of our auctions to our social media channels.

Likewise, most print publications offer online listings to accompany our paid print advertising. This helps us notify those who still read local newspapers, as well as those who get their news online.

We do all of these things because it bolsters our website and ultimately increases the number of people looking at our site. Hence, the value of search engine optimization (which we regularly review), and leveraging our website with some of the largest auction websites in the country.

We find that our unique approach works. In fact, we once sold a Porsche to a buyer in California who found the car advertised on our website by a simple Google search. The car sold for $99,500 and when the client consigned the car they were hopeful to achieve a sales price of approximately $15,000. Now that’s some ACTION!

Online listings are something we consistently search, add, and monitor. To find Wilson agents, check out, and

Follow our content, and who knows what you’ll see next! We strive to be ahead of the technology curve, to know and utilize the best promotion outlets for our clients’ auctions.

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