40+ Years in Business - Your Auction & Real Estate Experts.


In 1984, Bill Wilson had a vision to create an independent auction and real estate firm that would serve people in the region. With the support of his family, the business has now grown into a leader in the industry, garnering a household name in the region still built upon the original history, values, and family.


Our Start

After the War, Joe Wilson came home and started selling. He bought a building, and filled it full of La-Z-Boy and Tell City Furniture, Mohawk carpet, Case knives, Levi’s Jeans, and much more. For more than fifty years, he operated Wilson Furniture Company out of that building at the corner of Main and Church Streets in New Harmony.

It was in the back of that same building that his son, Bill Wilson, began William Wilson Auction Realty. In 1984, he stood on the podium for the first time as an independent auctioneer, and since then he has conducted auctions and sold real estate all across the tri-state.



Through the early years, Wilson has seen consistent growth. In 1987, the company offices and The Auction Center were built. In 2001, after years of expansion, The Auction Center became the largest privately owned auction facility in the region. With the addition of a second office located in Evansville, Indiana, the growth continues throughout the tri-state.

Continuing the Legacy

After more than thirty years, Wilson is continuing the traditions set out in 1984 and recognizing their humble beginnings in the back of Joe Wilson’s shop. More than once Bill’s son Andrew has sat down with a family at a dining table sold by Joe sixty years ago.

Now in command of the family business, the Andrew Wilson is true to the evolving profession of auction, all while still embodying the same history and spirit that was carried by his father and grandfather in building a name around honesty, loyalty, and service.