40+ Years in Business - Your Auction & Real Estate Experts.


Ready to sell? Nothing rivals the power of auctions. They can instantly produce serious competition between sellers and buyers with money in hand.

No other method can produce a more competitive atmosphere and higher selling potential. We bring buyers to you through our targeted marketing approach—carefully created and tested to maximize your selling potential. Whether you’re right in Evansville or New Harmony, Indiana or located in surrounding Indiana, Illinois or Kentucky area, our auction services are here for you.

Working with Wilson's team of auctioneers and marketing professionals, you can expect advantages such as:

  • Guaranteed sale date
  • Shorter marketing period
  • Competition among buyers
  • Ability to prompt buyers into action
  • Custom marketing solutions
  • Your desired level of exposure
  • Contingency-free sales
  • Intense focus on the assets to be marketed

We are uniquely qualified to offer:
  • Traditional auctions in our facilities
  • On-site auctions at your location
  • Sealed bid auctions
  • Online auctions
  • Internet simulcast auctions—a live event is broadcasted over the internet
  • Monthly auctions at The Auction Center