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The Original Wilson Way

March 17, 2021
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Andrew Wilson
President, Principal Auctioneer
The Wilson Way is a generations-long mantra for how we do things. How we serve others.

When I talk about The Wilson Way with employees, clients, family, and friends -- I mean it. It’s not just words we came up with to make it sound nice on our website.

The Wilson Way is a generations-long mantra for how we do things. How we serve others. Its what those same clients, family, and friends have come to expect -- and trust.

Even if they send one of their own clients, family, or friends to us.

We have worked hard to establish our Way of doing business. Through honesty, integrity, and loyalty translating to hours of meaningful conversations, meetings, and actions - responsiveness and follow through.

In a large way, however, many of the qualities that define The Wilson Way are even out of our control. They have been stamped by others...by our dedicated and loyal employees, by a particular transaction or series of transactions we have completed, by a conversation at the coffee shop.

I see this Wilson Way in all aspects of our business.

When a client or customer calls our office and talks to one of our team members. So often when I speak to the client next they say, Your people are very helpful and kind.

When I show up at an auction site and the client raves about our move team and how efficient and hardworking they are. How sensible they are about their family’s transition they are encountering.

When clients call us to complete an appraisal on a tract of farmland, they have come to expect that we will be fair and honest. That the value we place on their family’s most valuable asset will be accurate and supported by decades of experience.

When we get the request to present a proposal for the sale of that same tract of farmland that we have appraised for the family, a decade later -- and they say, ‘your father helped us in a significant way when my father passed away and we would like for you to now sell our farm.

As difficult of a decision as it might be, they know and have subscribed to The Wilson Way.

It is not just me. It is ALL of our employees, ALL of our tools, ALL of our marketing, ALL of our clients, family, and friends. Every time we say sold or complete a transaction. 

It is the logo on the series of blue shirts that I always wear. The same logo that our employees wear faithfully. 

It is honesty, integrity, and loyalty. 

And all of the values that have come to define The Wilson Way.