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The Wilson Way: Our View on Serving Clients

July 28, 2022
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Andrew Wilson
President, Principal Auctioneer
Our family has been in the service business for over 75-years and I believe maintaining that thread of service to our clients and customers –and our community – has proven to be a key to our success.

Our family has been in the service business for over 75-years and I believe maintaining that thread of service to our clients and customers –and our community – has proven to be a key to our success

I have put some thought into how I believe our company and our people serve others.


When clients call us, they need us. Sometimes they need us immediately…sometimes they are just planning for the future. But we are always responsive to their needs, following up along the way to answer questions and advise on the process of handling their most valuable assets. We are meeting clients at every stage of their assets, everyday. 


Professionalism: Competence, Knowledge, Conscientiousness, Integrity, Respect, Appropriateness, and Confidence — or the way we present ourselves and our company. The way that we reflect the assets we are handling for our clients. From the clothing we wear, to the way our offices and equipment looks, to the way our internal documents and external marketing appear. Every element of what we do is professional service.

As if it Were Our Own 

Our people view each deal and interaction as if it were their own family or friend. Regularly, a client or customer tells us about an experience they have had with a member of the Wilson Team. “Helpful”, “Courteous”, “Compassionate” are adjectives that I hear about our service to others. When we are wearing the Wilson brand, we are serving others above ourselves.


We work together as a team. Through our superior communication channels and collaboration. Walking through how we will execute each deal. Planning and preparing. Organizing and tracking. Taking responsibility for each decision along the way. We achieve success for our clients through elaborate and intentional teamwork.


Our team emboldens our more than 75-years experience in the professional service industry. Collectively, members of our team have worked together for more than 50-years. Simply stated, we know each other – we know our business – and we know how we can employ our experience to assist our clients to achieve their goals.


Experience lends itself to Process. Our professional service experience is a process. We have worked together as a team to identify each step in providing a world class experience for our clients and customers in executing a sale of their most valuable assets. Combined, it adds up to more than 350-steps! We repeat this process with each client.


We are deeply rooted in the community, and we realize that our service is for the community. No matter which community we are in. We regularly lend our time and talent to the community for important causes, and our team members never hesitate to help out when called upon.

Continuous Improvement

In summary, at Wilson we strive for continuous improvement in the services we deliver on a daily basis to our clients, customers, and our community. And we make a pledge to each other. It’s The Wilson Way.

Following are recent testimonials from our clients on their experience with The Wilson Way.

‘Service was extremely professional and prompt. The team was responsive and happy to answer any and all questions.’ -G. Walters

‘Professional, efficient, and effective in conducting our business.  It was easy to do business with Wilson Auction Realty.’ - Stephen B.

‘Contacting Wilson Auctions was a good decision for our family. Andrew was easy to work with, very honest, straight forward, confident, and sincere. Gave us an educated guess of what property could be worth. Through his hard work of advertising and personally contacting known investors and developers, he was very successful. Andrew’s efforts exceeded our expectations and we are very grateful. I would recommend Andrew and his staff highly, they were a pleasure to work with.' - Arthur “Allen” H.

 ‘You have been very thorough, honest and helpful thru the 2-3 month process, answering all our questions and keeping us informed of progress on a regular basis. And thanks to your advertising, relationships and skill, we were all quite pleased with the sale price. Thank you!’- Sue K.

 ‘When our group of 11 people decided it was time to sell our property I thought the situation was unique because of the number of owners. Andrew quickly told me that this happened frequently. His proposal proved to be the correct one. Offering an online auction worked very well. We were not restricted with a single option. The approach allowed individuals with an opportunity to buy a tract that suited their needs. It also allowed farmers, developers and investors the opportunity to buy the entire property. Andrew and staff communicated with everyone involved in a manner that worked best for them. They worked with potential buyers that showed interest in the property. The result was unbelievable and it exceeded my expectations by an extreme amount. Andrew got the job done. My next auction will be a William Wilson auction.’ - Don H.